New Home Rebate

Buying a new home can be a wonderful experience.  Knowing that the home was built to the latest building codes and energy efficiency standards, being able to personalize the design of the home along with being the first person to live in the home, can all be quite exciting!

If you are planning to buy or build a new home in NC from ANY participating Home Builders, you can earn a New Home Rebate in the amount of Up to 2% of the base price of the home!


In order to be eligible for the new home rebate, you have to establish a buyer agency agreement with Rodney McNabb & MainStreet Realty Services as your Buyer’s Agent BEFORE your first trip to the home builder. This process is very simple…just contact Rodney McNabb by phone or e-mail and he’ll send the brief paperwork to you for endorsement that will establish this relationship. This ‘protects’ your new home rebate and also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that a licensed North Carolina real estate agent is providing guidance along the way, representing your best interests from contract to closing. All representation will be done by mail, e-mail, fax, or phone.

Raleigh Home Builders

Just about all New Home Builders in Raleigh, especially the larger Raleigh Home Builders, love working with real estate agents like Rodney McNabb, and are happy to have him involved in the sale, and gladly pay real estate agent commissions. Since Realtors bring most Raleigh Home Builders over half of their Buyers, they basically calculate their commissions into their sales prices up front and will not adjust the price based on whether or not you have a real estate agent representing you. They cannot legally drop the price by the commission amount, since that would be the same thing as paying a ‘non-licensed person’ a real estate commission. So, this program is a ‘win-win’ for both of us!

When can I start looking at New Homes in Raleigh?

On your FIRST VISIT to the new home subdivision or development, simply list Rodney McNabb on the Guest Card as your agent. Keep in mind that this offer may be void if you have previously visited the new home subdivision or development and registered with an on-site sales counselor or agent (unless the builder will waive their policy).

I am ready for the Builder to write a contract for me to sign…what shall I do?

You will want to ensure that Rodney McNabb is listed as the Selling Broker (aka Buyer’s Agent) within the contract or on any addenda to the contract BEFORE you sign it. This will help ensure that we get paid, and you get your new home rebate! Once the contract has been signed by the Builder, please provide a copy to us so we can follow through on the contract-to-closing process.

Does it cost anything for me to participate in this program?

We do not charge you anything for this benefit!  With that being said, you should discuss any possible tax obligations with a tax professional.  MainStreet Realty Services is not responsible for the reporting or payment of any federal or state taxes in relation to your rebate.

Is this program only for new construction homes?

Yes, either spec homes or dirt-builds.

In what geographical areas does this program cover?

While our marketing is focused on the Greater Raleigh, NC area, this program may be utilized anywhere within the ENTIRE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.

How can I use the new home rebate?

  • Crediting it toward your closing costs (if your Lender will allow);
  • Putting it towards additional upgrades in the new home (if your Builder will allow); or
  • Taking it off the bottom line of your sales price after the lowest negotiated price (if your Builder will allow).

Is this program for everyone?

This program isn’t for everyone. If you need a lot of guidance & don’t know the area, then you may need more ‘traditional’ services. While we can still assist you with this service (and potentially provide you with a new home rebate), the full 2% rebate will no longer apply.

Are there any restrictions to this offer?

  • You must not be represented by another real estate agent through a written agreement;
  • You must register with an on-site sales counselor or agent and simply list Rodney McNabb w/MainStreet Realty Services on the Guest Card as your agent. This offer may be void if you have PREVIOUSLY visited the new home subdivision or development and registered with an on-site sales counselor or agent (unless the builder will waive their policy);
  • The purchase contract for your new home (or any addenda) must reflect Rodney McNabb with MainStreet Realty Services on it as the Selling Broker (aka Buyer’s Agent);
  • The Home Builders that you are working with must agree to pay at least 3% of the sales price in commission to Rodney McNabb and MainStreet Realty Services. If the commission is less than 3%, then your new home rebate amount will be reduced incrementally. (Ex: If the New Home Builder pays a 2 ½% commission (which is ½% less than 3%), then the new home rebate to you will be reduced by ½% (so 2% less ½% = 1 1/2% new home rebate to you);
  • The new home rebate must be approved by your Lender and the Builder and must also be reflected on the Settlement Statement at the time of closing.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact Rodney via email at or via phone at (919) 322-3960 ext. 7.